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Please explore the following list of resources for both young and old. 

For Kids

Kids & Youth 


In the front of the church building, we have a bookshelf with encouraging Christian books for anyone to borrow!

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The Bible Project Videos

Head over to The Bible Project website and watch one of their cool videos that explain the Bible really well, using animation. Youthies, we reckon you guys in particular will love these!

Quiz Worx pic.jpg

Watch a Quiz Worx Video

Quiz Worx has a YouTube channel. Check out this video on Acts or one of their many other super cool videos!

Bible Pathway Adventures pic.jpg

 Bible Pathway Adventures Website

Another great website you could have a look at is Bible Pathway Adventures.They have heaps more fun activities like stories to read, quizzes and crosswords. Check it out!

Colin Buchanan pic.png

Watch a Colin Buchanan Video

Colin Buchanan is a very funny guy who loves Jesus. He also loves dressing up and he makes some really good music videos. Check out this 'Crocodile Song'or one of his others on his YouTube channel!

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